Danpal® Facade Systems

Single Glazed Translucent Facade Systems   Danpal® Single Glazed Facades are translucent dry glazed systems available in a variety of configurations for various types of structures. They are lightweight and offer excellent weather protection with high impact resistance. Using materials with superior flexibility, transparency, and tonal qualities compared to glass, Danpal® delivers the perfect balance of light and thermal dynamics for any translucent facade. The large variety of colors, finishes and special effects provide a dazzling array of creative options for creating the ideal translucent facade. The unique cell structure of Danpal’s translucent facade systems transmits an even diffusion of natural light and generates superior thermal insulation - offering the highest resistance to impact and hail damage. Building design professionals can hide various building elements or create intriguing visual contrasts by integrating Danpal’s translucent facade systems with conventional glazing. By offering top quality co-extended UV protection, Danpal®’s translucent facade systems guarantee a longer life span.


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